Consider the main points of Awakening classes in Black Desert Mobile. Awakening is available from character level 65. To wake up you need to complete several quests.

Open the menu and go to the section where we strengthened the skills.

Awakening Black Desert Mobile

Choosing to appear a series of quests.

Awakening Black Desert Mobile

Before us is a list of quests that need to be completed, consider the example of the Wizard:

Awakening Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. Talk to NPC
  • 2. Interact with NPC
  • 3. Complete the dungeon next to the NPC. Passage dungeon below.

Done, after dungeon, we were awakening Our main weapon has changed to the awakened one.

4. The last quest sends us to the Personal Fort and introduces the forge. This will tell later.

Skill awakening

For each skill you need to complete 1 - 2 quests consider the example of the Wizard:

Awakening Black Desert Mobile
  • 1 skill - Destroy 2000 mobs, each class has its own location, just click on the quest and he runs to the right place.
  • 2 skill - Destroy 1200 mobs in Ruins
  • 3 skill - Complete World Boss Kzark and kill 3 enhanced solo RB
  • 4 skill - Complete World Boss Karanda and win 3 times in the arena.
  • 5 skill - Complete World Boss Nuber and destroy 4000 mobs in the lands of Valor

The status of these quests, see the skills menu

Council, at first the whole crowd passes the first quest from a personal fort or 1 skill. A lot of people are jostling. At first, close the quests of another skill. So you will save a lot of time.

Awakening equipment.

To Awakening the equipment you need silver and to fulfill some conditions:

  • Primary Weapon - Kill 3 World Bosses
  • Extra weapon - Kill 2000 mobs in the Lava Cave
  • Helmet - Complete 10 Solo Bosses
  • Body - Kill 3000 Mobs In Media Miness
  • Gloves - Walk 5 Ancient Ruins
  • Boots - Kill 4000 Mobs in the Lands of Valor

After completing quests and paying a little silver, we can strengthen our old equipment.

Awakening Black Desert Mobile

Awakening Rune Stones.

Like equipment you can wake Rune stones. For this we need the runestone itself and 30,000 rune dust. Also awakened stones can be sharpened, for this there is a separate button.

Awakening Black Desert Mobile