At the moment, in the global version of the game, Patrigio's range of products is very small. Spending energy points is not profitable. But this will not always be, and perhaps in the near future Patrigio will be more useful. What products Patrigio offers in the Global and Korean versions of the game can be seen in the video at the end of the guide.

Patrigio is located in all major cities. In the mobile version of the game, the Patrigio is available around the clock, except for 30 minutes during the day shift.

Patrigio black desert mobile

To trade with the Patrigio you will need energy points, one product - 10 energy points. Up to 20 random items are available per day.

Patrigio black desert mobile

After spending 10 energy points, a window with objects appears in front of you, its price and various buttons will be analyzed in more detail.

Patrigio black desert mobile
  • 1. Item.
  • 2. The price at which Patrigio is ready to sell it to us. Lower immediately shows the percentage of how much the price differs from the price at auction.
  • 3. Bargaining button, 10 energy points are required for bargaining, gifts are also needed to increase the chance, if successful, there is a chance to lower the price of the goods. You can bargain until the price of the item is below 100% or in case of unsuccessful bidding.
  • 4. Button book an item. Booked for 12 hours, during this time you can collect the desired amount.
  • 5. Button to buy an item.
  • 6. The next item, while spending 10 energy points.
  • Patrigio in the Global version of Black Desert Mobile

    Video taken on 12/27/19. In subsequent updates, the assortment of goods is likely to be increased. At the moment, it is not recommended to spend energy points.

    Patrigio in Korean version of Black Desert Mobile