This guide contains all the characteristics, ranks, skills and buffs of horses. At the end of the guide you can find recommendations for pumping and assembling the ideal horse according to Bdmbase.
Horse Skills and Buffs

With an increase in the horse’s rank, the speed of the horse’s movement, equipment, weight limit, as well as the number of skills and level of buffs increase. These are the main indicators of the horse to which you should pay attention. A more precise increase in each parameter can be found below (the parameter movement speed increases with the level of the horse, the percentage of speed for the horse of the first level of its rank is indicated below).

  • Horse 1 rank - 100% movement speed / 800 LT weight limit / 4 inventory slots
  • Horse 2 rank - 102% movement speed / 1000 LT weight limit / 5 inventory slots
  • Horse 3 rank - 105% movement speed / 1200 LT weight limit / 6 inventory slots
  • Horse 4 rank - 109% movement speed / 1400 LT weight limit / 7 inventory slots
  • Horse 5 rank - 111% movement speed / 1600 LT weight limit / 8 inventory slots
  • Horse 6 rank - 115% movement speed / 1800 LT weight limit / 9 inventory slots
  • Horse 7 rank - 120% movement speed / 2000 LT weight limit / 10 inventory slots
  • Horse 8 rank - 124% movement speed / 2200 LT weight limit / 11 inventory slots

*Horses of rank 6-8 will appear in subsequent updates, at the start of the game the maximum rank is 5. The movement speed for these ranks is approximate, more accurate data will appear with the entry of these horses.


A horse’s buff is always one, regardless of the horse’s rank. At the start of the game, there are 5 types of buffs, with the advent of the 7th rank of the horse, a new buff appears that simultaneously gives attack and defense. Buff buffed for 30 minutes. The buff can be increased by 20% with the skill of the horse Enhance Bonding (available from 3 ranks of horses).

  • Attack – Increases character attack by 3/5/8/12/17
  • Defense - Increases character protection by 3/5/8/12/17
  • Crit Chance - Increases character crit chance by 1/1,5/2/2,5/3%
  • Max HP – Increases character's HP by 50/75/100/125/150
  • Magic Recovery – Increases character's MP by 3/6/9/12/15
Horse Skills and Buffs

Horse skills

In addition to the buff, the horse has useful skills, the number of skills depends on the horse’s rank, for example, the first rank has only one skill, the horse of rank 5 has four skills. Skills are active and passive. List of horse skills:

  • Packhorse – Increases horse weight limit by 1000LT
  • Forward Kick – An active skill, the horse stands on its hind legs and knocks down nearby enemies.
  • Quick Stop – Passive skill, fast braking
  • Fast Learner – Increases horse speed
  • Speed Burst – Passive skill, the horse accelerates to maximum speed faster.
  • Sprint – Active skill, increases horse speed
  • Accelerate – Passive skill, increases horse speed
  • Enhance Bonding – Passive skill, increases the effect of buffs (bond) by 20%
  • Charge – An active skill that sweeps through enemies for two seconds, knocking everyone in its path
Horse Skills and Buffs

The ideal horse according to BDMbase

We believe that it is spent on horse skills only after taking the maximum horse rank, at the start of the game it is 5 rank. A rank 5 horse has a buff and 4 skills.

  • Bond - Attack
  • Skills 1 - Enhance Bonding (one of the best horse skills that increases buff bonus by 20%)
  • Skills 2 - Packhorse (increases the weight limit by 1000 LT, this is a big bonus when carrying all kinds of junk)
  • Skills 3 - Sprint (Speed, the skill activates automatically on auto path)
  • Skills 4 - Speed Burst (but you can choose something else)

In the future, 6.7 and 8 rank will be introduced into the game. Along with new ranks, several new skills will be added to the game. For horses of high rank it is very useful to get the Fast Learner skill for leveling a horse to level 10, after getting level 10 we change this skill to any other.