In this topic we will describe the major daily activities that should make the player to develop their character.

Personal Fort

The first thing when entering the game go to the Fort in Forte gather resources, for which we sent our servants last time, and send them to the new campaign.

Собираем ресурсы с рабов

We take the points that have been scraped during our absence. Harvest and sow again. Take the silver from the main building.

Сбор точек в форте


Take the clan quests it is advisable to take at 2000, 1000, 800, mobs.

Клановые квесты

Take concurrently with clan quests, quests of the spirit.

Квесты от духа

Play store

Next, open the game store. Here we are interested in the data tab of the jewelry and runes. Take the freebie.

Вкладка бижутерии Вкладка рун Вкладка артефактов

Drain the work points. here choice depends on your goal, if you swing profession're going on resource collection if you have accumulated enough funds wait night dealer and drain the work points from him, trying to catch useful things for you. Or we spend it on something else.

World boss. At the time Of writing, only one world boss is available - Kzarka. To participate in the murder only 1 time per day in the interval 20:00-22:00.


Just do not forget to fly to the arena. Occupation is not for peace-loving, but for the sake of bonuses to be ready for anything.


And finally, do not forget to take the award from the daily quests.

Ежедневные квесты