Seeds need to grow food for your slaves, each hike for resources costs a certain amount of food. Today we will tell you what seeds to choose for your garden

For those too lazy to read, our choice fell on Carrots grow in an hour gives 216 food. The seeds of Carrots can be purchased in Glish. For those who are not too lazy below is a complete list of available seeds at the moment.

White (10 min) Corn - 19 Wheat - 33 Barley - 45
Green (1 hour) Potato - 88 Carrot - 216 Pumpkin - 160
Blue (3 hours) Garlic - 300 Onion - 165 Pepper - 405
Violet (8 hours) Tomato - 330 Grapes - 810 Strawberry - 600
Yellow (20 hours) Sweet peppers - 1350 Figs - 743 Sunflower - 1823

A set of the most fertile seeds can be purchased in Glish prices for these seeds are much higher than in other cities, but in our opinion it is worth it.

Велия Глиши Кальфион

Just do not forget to make friends with the seller of seeds, he will reward you with a 5% discount on its products.