Bingo with pets

Complete daily quests and close the bingo field, with pets as the main reward. Description of quests:

  • 1. Pass Solo RB 10 times
  • 2. Complete World Boss 1 time.
  • 3. Connect inlay stones 5 times (stones should be higher than purple)
  • 4. Connect the parts of the circle 5 times
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Tasks of the Black Spirit

  • Complete the Learning Tower 3 times - reward 2000 Rune Shards
  • Walk the path of glory 3 times - 500 traces of battle for solo bosses
  • Complete 12 Black Spirit quests - 1000 Plates for the Ancients Ruins
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In each location there were totems, destroying them you get items that can be exchanged for useful items. Totems are marked on the map, it is enough to find a good spot on which there are many totems.

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Daily tasks

Every day, each character is given a task, after which you can get useful items. Each player has his own tasks. If you are not satisfied with their fulfillment, discard the task screen in the comments. For example, below on the screen you need to go through 16 solo bosses.

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