On March 3, Event Support Content Creator, available only to new players, was added to the game. Event reward - Combat plus (3 days). Below, we’ll look at the way to reward.
Black Desert Mobile Event Support Content Creator

Who are the Content Creator?

Content creators are players who participate in the Black Desert Mobile Partners program. Partners create useful content on their platforms thereby helping all players.

Due to the event “Support Content Creator”, new players can thank one or another Partner, as well as receive Combat plus (3 days). What is needed for this?

Just open Event Support Content Creator and enter the Partner code. You can choose any of the programs as a Partner. Typically, these codes will be under the video or in any other prominent place.

Unfortunately BDMbase did not get into the program. But you can thank one of our partners: Smithy - TBEXGPNH76VOHNWC

What gives Combat plus (3 days)

Black Desert Mobile Event Support Content Creator