Improved sharpening (09.05 – 23.05)

+30 - +40 increased the chance of sharpening, which give the stones. For example, prior to the event, the yellow dot gave 1%, during the event it gives 2% to the chance of sharpening.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Increased the number of stones that can be obtained by completing the quest location.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Hidden treasures (09.05 – 16.05)

When you enter the game, talk to the new NPC in the city, he will give you two times 100 coins for Shakatu and tell him to wait for the world Boss. During the appearance of the world boss, treasure chests will appear in different locations. Finding 5 pieces you get the main reward.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Mage Legacy Event (09.05 – 23.05)

When you enter the game you can get a gift in the form of a mythical weapon of the magician. during the event, collect 100 items to improve the magician's weapon.

Daily activity (09.05 – 23.05)

Complete daily quests to get the main reward. Quest description:

  • 1. Walk the Path of Glory 1 time.
  • 2. Complete 10 Solo RB.
  • 3. Spend 100,000 Silver.
  • 4. Spend 100 Shakatu Coins.
  • 5. Synthesize parts of a circle 3 times..
Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Although the time is increased, the experience gained and the drop until May 19. From 20 to 23 Hot time as usual.