Festival Maehwa (17.04 – 01.05)

  • Increased the chance of getting the boss equipment from the World RB by 20 times.
  • Increased the number of items dropped for crafting world bosses to 4.
  • The bonus for being in the game is increased 30 times.
  • The reward for the quests of the Black Spirit increased 10 times.
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Puzzle(17.04 – 01.05)

The most common puzzle with only updated awards. You can get 3 runs a day for free, you can also upgrade the field with the main reward up to 3 times a day. Advice, save penetrations, update the field until what you need appears. Options for the main awards, lay out in the comments.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Hot time and reward in the mail.

Although the weektime weekly is waiting for you + 100% to experience and drop and on weekends + 200% to experience and drop.

The award on the mail from April 17 - 21. At 09:00, 12:00, 19:00, 20:30, every player who created Maehwa will receive gifts in the mail. Among the awards there are also 300 pearls that can be picked up every day at 20:30.

Daily reward (17.04 – 07.05)

Going into the game every day you will receive a different reward. You can also get 4200 black pearls by paying 1000 white pearls.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Lottery (17.04 – 01.05)

Added a new Lottery event, after completing certain quests you get items, up to 10 per day. Items can be exchanged for various items in the game, as well as for Lottery tickets for certain prizes, Of the useful, the last two tickets, a ticket to participate in the draw of the boss of weapons, Nuber and Kzark. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance of winning. Description of quests:

  • 1. Fishing - 3 times
  • 2. Lands of Valor - 1 time.
  • 3. Ancient ruins - 1 time.
  • 4. Solo RB - 3 times.
  • 5. Destroy 1000 Monsters
  • 6. Use 100 Shakat Coins.
  • 7. Plant 9 seeds in the garden.
  • 8. Collect resources by workers 5 times.
  • 9. Buy 2 items at auction
  • 10. Use 100,000 silver
Black Desert Mobile Event Korea

Level up Maehwa (17.04 – 01.05)

Level up Maiva to 65 you will receive a total of 1,400 black pearls as well as 450 signs of Valor. The award is given upon reaching a certain level.

Black Desert Mobile Event Korea