Puzzle (03.01 – 17.01)

Try your luck by opening the box with valuable gifts. The essence of the event is to guess on the 5x5 field where the main prize is hidden. Every day, 3 free cell openings are given. The remaining discoveries are worth 100 pearls. Discoveries can accumulate. Every day you can upgrade the main prize 3 times. It is recommended to spend discoveries on the necessary and most valuable items.

The list of main items leave in the comments. From the general list, each player will choose the one on which he is willing to spend the discoveries.

Event Taiwan

Catching horses (03.01 – 09.01)

Catch a horse 5/10/20 times and get a reward 3 packs of top sharpening / 150 black pearls / Premium.

Arena (03.01 – 09.01)

Participate in battles in the arena and get food for the spirit 1 purple food for each fight (up to 5 fights per day) 1 legendary food for each victory (up to 5 wins per day).

Event Taiwan

Daily activity (03.01 – 23.01)

Come into the game every day and get presents.

Event Taiwan

Gift Bags (03.01 – 16.01/23.01)

Until January 16, when killing mobs, you will receive bags with gifts that can be exchanged until January 23 for useful items..

Event Taiwan

PVP mode (03.01 – 09.01)

At the time of the event, when the player activates the PVP mode, the player will receive a bonus + 50% to experience and drop instead of 5%.

Event Taiwan