Awakening Event ( 5.12 – 17-23.12).

Follow the main quest and get the maximum reward. The main quest is given to each player. If you have been given an incomprehensible quest, write in the comments below by attaching a screen.

For example, on the screen quest for the murder of 4000 mobs. When completing the quest you will receive a reward. The award can be significantly increased by white pearls. If you want to receive the maximum reward you will have to spend pearls every new day, that is, on the screen the price of red jewelry equals 500 white pearls, it is worth spending or not you decide.

Event Korea

Reward by mail (05.12 – 10-16.12)

At 09:00, 12:00, 18:00, 20:00 will receive letters with an interesting award.

Hot time (05.12 – 10-16.12)

24/7 Experience and Drop + 100%. It's time to take level 70!

Reward every day (05.12 – 10-16.12)

Just go into the game and get. The reward is very good in the amount of 1000 pearls.

Event Korea

Black Spirit Event (05.12 – 10-16.12)

Until the next update, go 10 times the Land of Valor, 7 world bosses, spend 1000 coins to Shakatu to get a Ticket to the world RB, 3 enhanced solo RB, 5 signs of valor.

Event Korea

Rune stones(05.12 – 10-16.12)

When you connect 3 runestones, you will receive 1 stone and 50 fragments instead of 35. I wonder what this is connected with, maybe they will deliver new runestones and want the players to drain the old stocks.