Introduction to the Trading System:

We are looking for a new Merchant in any city. We talk to him every day we get a quest for 100 points of work. After 7 completed quests, you will receive the main reward: Horse of rank 5, horse costume and something else.

Event Korea

Ownership of the node.

Increased tax received by the Guild by owning a node 10 times. This event will last 2 weeks.

Check your email.

9 – Nov 12 check the mail. Especially do not miss 20:00 all these days at this time will give out black pearls.

Event Korea

Quests black spirit

Close the black spirit quest every day and get the mythical feed:

  • 6 quests - 5 mythical feed
  • 12 quests - 15 mythical feed
  • 18 quests - 30 mythical feed

Hot Time

12:00-14:00, 18:00-24:00 - Experience and drop +100%