Plant a pumpkin!

We plant a pumpkin in our garden, at the end of the event we get food for the spirit.

Halloween Hat. (27-10 - 08.11)

It's simple, get hats by killing mobs or gathering resources and bartered for the necessary items. Items will be available in two weeks. The third week is given to allow the exchange of the remaining items.

Event Korea

Halloween Dungeon. (27.10 – 08.11)

Come jobs have penetrations to the special RB which have items to exchange for the Halloween chests and much more. Quests:

  • 1. Сlose to 3 times the quest of the black spirit.
  • 2. Buy in conventional stores in the amount of 100,000 silver. Good food for the spirit, banks.
  • 3. Go through the Ancient Ruins 1 time.
Event Korea

During Pharma. The character rests against the gate and nothing happens? We need to go down and talk to the tombstone. After kill all the monsters and open the gate.

Event Korea

Arms Of The Witch

You can get the main weapon of Sorki for free. For 100 pearls buy additional weapons. As for the item 50 which are obtained by killing mobs upgradeable weapons to mythical rank.

Event Taiwan

Day-To-Day Halloween (27.10 – 16.11)

We go every day in the game get a reward. The best is pet and pearls.

Event Taiwan

Mythical Shoes

When you enter the game get Mythical Shoes, they can feed the spirit or temporarily put on one of the characters.

Event Taiwan