Puzzle (18.10 - 01.11))

This event is already familiar to many. The essence of the event is to guess where the main prize is hidden on the 5x5 field. Regulation:

  • 1. Every day 3 free opening of a cell is given. The rest of the open cost 100 pearls. Openings can be accumulated.
  • 2. Every day you can update the main prize 3 times. It is recommended to spend opening on the necessary and most valuable items.
Event Korea

Fragments of a map (18.10 - 01.11)

Every day perform 4 tasks and get scraps of cards, every 2 scraps is one opening in the mini game. In order to collect all the items you need 50 scraps. Description of quests:

  • 1. Kill 1,500 mobs.
  • 2. Pass 2 solo RB
  • 3. Buy 2 any items.
  • 4. Spend 100 points of energy.
Event Korea