This guide is suitable for those who are tired of killing monsters in auto-hunting. In this guide, we will talk about Violent monsters and how they are useful.

Violent monsters are monsters indicated by a star on a map. They differ from ordinary monsters in high attack and XP. Drop from such monsters is much better, from a Violent monster 100% drops a chest of blue or orange.

Killing Violent Monsters in Black Desert Mobile

The way to make money on Violent monsters

As written above, from fierce monsters you can get good items. There are 2 ways to kill them:

  • 1. Leave the character on auto-hunting in a location where Violent monsters appear
  • 2. Run around the location in search of Violent monsters

The second option requires the presence of a player, but at the same time, it allows you to kill much more Violent monsters. Below is an example.

For example, I chose the location Kalfion Temple. Below on the screen are shown all the points of the appearance of Violent monsters. For convenience, I save the return points in 3 places on the map, they are circled in red. About once every 5 minutes I run from one point to another, killing all the elites.

Killing Violent Monsters in Black Desert Mobile

A large cluster of Violent monsters can be found in Nightmare