This guide contains the basic rules and limits of the Siege Wars of Black Desert Mobile. Before the siege of the castle is recommended to familiarize yourself with this information.


To participate in the siege, the Guild must be level 5 or higher, own a node of level 2 or 3 and make a bet to participate in siege wars. It is impossible to choose a castle, the list of participants is formed due to the rate and some factors that are currently unknown.

At the end of bets, participants in the siege are announced. Thus, even before the siege begins, you can understand which guilds claim to be a castle. Nodes belonging to the guild members are reset.

Guide Siege War (siege castle) Black Desert Mobile

Victory conditions

To defeat the attacking side, it is enough to destroy the artifact of the defending guild.

To defeat the defending side, it is necessary to destroy the artifacts of the attacking guilds or not to destroy their artifact until the end of the siege.


During the siege of the guild can use cannons, elephants and ogres. At the same time, you can call 3 guns, 1 elephant and 1 ogre. The guild guards do not have ogres. Below is a list of limits:

  • Attacking Guild: 10 guns, 5 ogres, 5 elephants.
  • Protecting Guild: 10 guns, 5 elephants.

Additional locations with useful bonuses (Border Battle)

In addition to the main field, there are 3 identical locations in the center of which is the Tower for which the guilds are fighting. There are 3 bonuses: Artillery, Buff, Gum. In these locations can be up to 5 members of the guild.

  • The bonus is received by the guild that delivered the last blow to the Tower.
  • After capturing the Tower, the bonus will be valid until one of the enemy guilds destroys it.
  • All objects are important, but perhaps the most important is the buff, which increases the attack and defense of the players of the entire guild.

Players who fight for Border Towers can only be sent by Leaders and Officers. It is recommended to appoint a person who will redirect people depending on the situation.

Guide Siege War (siege castle) Black Desert Mobile

Destroying Bridges/Barricades

During a siege, the Defender can destroy two objects, on the left side of the bridge, on the right barricade.

  • IMPORTANT! Destruction occurs 30 seconds after the button is pressed.
  • All players and objects that are at the time of destruction on the bridge die.
  • The destruction lasts 5 minutes.
  • Re-destruction is available 10 minutes after the first destruction.
  • It’s impossible to destroy the bridge and barricades at the same time.
  • This slows down the attackers very much. Elephants and ogres cannot pass, and players have to use a workaround.
  • Elephants of the guild also cannot pass through the destroyed object.

Location of objects

Guide Siege War (siege castle) Black Desert Mobile

Character Respawn

At the beginning of the siege, when all the objects are still intact, the players of the attacking guilds may respawn alongside their artifact. Defending Guild players can respawn on their Artifact or on the Outer and Inner Gates from either side.

After the destruction of one of the gates, the protective guild loses its spawn, and the attacking guild receives an additional spawn.

Guide Siege War (siege castle) Black Desert Mobile