Less than a day is left before the start of the game, each player thinks how he will start, what he will do first thing, etc., I also think and decided to share my thoughts about my start.

My development plan

Much attention of my article will be paid to the Camp, and I will start from it. Initially, I send all the workers to extract resources to raise the level of the Camp. I need to take level 5 of the main building as quickly as possible and hire 25 workers. Workers should be with a maximum Vitality. To achieve this goal I plan to buy resources at the auction. By the way, at the start of the game, the price of resources is about 100 silver and every day the price rises, reaches a maximum (499 silver apiece).

How do I plan to start at Black Desert Mobile

After all 25 workers are hired, I plan to transfer part of the workers to the Nodes. The rest will continue to mine timber for sale. Workers at the nodes are a long-term investment, after some time the opportunity will open to get books on attack and defense skills. As a result, it will become more profitable than sending workers for resources.

With a quick improvement of the camp, problems with contribution points begin, the best way to increase the number of contribution points is Amity quests. All Amity quests give 300 contribution points, I plan to start taking quests at NPCs that give a useful bonus or gift, for example, Lara after friendship will start selling bottle XP 5% cheaper.

How do I plan to start at Black Desert Mobile

Camp buildings, I plan to raise only those needed to get the maximum level of the Main building. I’m going to get chickens on the farm, as they begin to generate income after 32 hours (sheep after 92 hours).

How do I plan to start at Black Desert Mobile


I plan to catch horses without sugar, only Lasso, since sugar is too expensive, it is easier to make several attempts with a 50% chance at the initial stage of the game. After level 40 I will wear several sugar pieces for horses of rank 2.

По мере прохождения сюжетного квеста планирую закрывать знания, особенно важным для меня знания которые увеличивают атаку или защиту.

Life skills

Life skills pump a combat level very quickly. Most likely I will spend all energy points on collecting the tree, since this is the most valuable resource at the start, exceptions are the Camp’s quests to collect grass and stone.

Character level

When increasing the level of the character should constantly monitor the CP. Raising the level with the help of a peaceful profession is required very carefully. Therefore, I will spend extra energy on the second character. But there are times when it is urgently necessary to increase the level, for example, if almost all the buildings for the new Camp level are ready and the character level is still too low (for example, for the 5th level of the Camp, the character should be level 50).

Killing monsters

Planning hunts for orange monsters, since they drop and experience of + 200%, as well as pets have time to collect the drops.


As for the auction and the economy of the game as a whole. Observing the economy of Balenos, we can conclude:

  • - The price of resources is growing every day, very quickly reaches a maximum and lasts a long time.
  • - The price of Black stones rises, reaches unrealistic prices and normalizes over time.
  • - Equipment, the first days the price for the purple rank is too high, every day it becomes lower. Gold is growing every day, then it becomes a lot and the price falls.
  • - Top gold equipment can be bought in the early days at very low prices, then the price rises, but after some time it drops sharply.

The table with the change in prices for items for the period 26.10 - 10.12

How do I plan to start at Black Desert Mobile