Black Desert Mobile servers consist of many channels. There is no list of channels and there is no direct switching between them. This guide shows how to switch the channel and how you can benefit from it..

To change the channel, just go to the Camp, select the Visit Camp icon and press the enter button, after loading the player enters the territory of a friend’s Camp, then just press the button to exit the Camp. After all this, the player gets to another channel on which this friend is located.

How to change channel in Black Desert Mobile

What is the use of changing a channel?

For example, your friend asks for help with the killing of powerful monsters, you go to a friend’s channel through his Camp and help your friend.

I use channel change to kill elite monsters. Sometimes it happens that the location is full of players and it’s difficult to find elite monsters, I go to the channel of any of my friends and if before that we were on different channels, my character appears in the same place but on a different channel. Changing the channel several times, I find the channel on which the least people.

In the settings in the Game section, you can enable the function that puts the channels of the guild or friends in priority. I don’t use it, but maybe someone will need.

How to change channel in Black Desert Mobile