In the near future, the game will add engraving items. What is this and how to prepare for this right now, we will tell in this guide. The data is taken from the Korean version of the game, the global version of the game may vary.

Engraving is available from 70 level black spirit. Using engraving, you can randomly receive an additional bonus from the item.

Engraving equipment in Black Desert Mobile

For engraving, special stones and silver are needed. Stones are divided into 2 types, for equipment and jewelry.

Engraving equipment in Black Desert Mobile

You can get engraving stones using the black spirit. Equipment stones can be obtained from purple equipment and above, jewelry stones can be obtained from blue jewelry and above.

Engraving equipment in Black Desert Mobile

Tables with the number of stones from each type of equipment

The tables indicate the number of stones received at the time of entering the graviroki on the servers of Korea. At the moment, the number of stones obtained is 2 times higher. How will be on the Global version is unknown.

Single Slot Gold Gear:

Main weapon 54
Second weapon 38
Armor 43
Helmet 32
Gloves/Shoes 27

Two-slot gold equipment (Grunil, Liberta):

Main weapon 240
Second weapon 146
Armor 175
Helmet 110
Gloves/Shoes 80

Single slot orange gear:

Main weapon 570
Second weapon 396
Armor 460
Helmet 330
Gloves/Shoes 265

For each type of equipment you can get your own engraving bonus. The higher the rank of the equipment, the greater the bonus that engraving gives. Bonuses that are recommended to be obtained using engraving:

  • Main Weapon - Attack
  • Second weapon - Attack or Defense
  • Helmet - Attack Speed
  • Armor - Defense
  • Gloves - Attack Speed
  • Shoes - Running Speed / Element
  • Necklace, Belt and Earring - Attack
  • Ring and Bracelet - Defense

Having received an unnecessary bonus, you can re-engrave the item, if the previous engraving was better, you can return it using cron stones or pearls.

You can now start saving up cheap gold and purple equipment for processing into engraving stones.