Auction at Black Desert Mobile is the only way to transfer items between players. How to sell items to other players in Black Desert Mobile, consider in more detail in our guide?

Auction trading system

Of the important points: When you sell you are taxed at 30% of the value of the item.

You can use the auction functionality through the main menu or talk to a special NPS in each city.

Auction at Black Desert Mobile

First tab

Auction at Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. General product categories.
  • 2. subcategory of products.
  • 3. Search by product name.
  • 4. Product card (name, min and max price, number of items sold)

Purchase of goods

Auction at Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. It is possible to reserve an item within 30 seconds after the appearance of the goods at the auction. Any player within 30 seconds can declare a desire for this product. After 30 seconds, one player will be selected who will be given the opportunity to redeem the goods within 20 seconds. If no one participated in the reservation of goods or the winner did not redeem it within 20 seconds, it is possible to redeem the goods at any time by any player.
  • 2. Buy all items from the product card at once.
  • 3. Indicate exactly how much of the total pack you are ready to buy.

Second tab

If you need an item that is currently not in the auction, you can bid on it. To do this, select the item you need and click on the large button in the center.

Auction at Black Desert Mobile

In the window that opens, you can bet on this product, there are two types of bets:

  • 1. You bet while indicating the maximum price of the item and quantity.
  • 2. You place a bet while indicating the quantity and any amount of silver above the maximum (the seller only receives the maximum price of the item).

Maximum number of bets 10.

Auction at Black Desert Mobile

You can get the purchased item in the third tab.

Fourth Tab - Selling Items

In the fourth tab, you can register your items at auction. Up to 30 items can be put up for sale at the same time. Goods are registered for 3 days. When selling, goods sold are taxed at 30%. When calculating, always take into account that you receive only 70% of the amount which you indicated when putting the goods at auction. The limit on the sale of equipment was added to the game; a player cannot sell more than 5 equipment per week.

Putting up for sale

Auction at Black Desert Mobile
  • 1. When you click on the plus, you select the item that want to put up for sale.
  • 2. You indicate the price of the item, you can enter the amount manually or select the max or min price of the item.
  • 3. Confirmation of registration of the item at auction.

Cancellation of the goods is available only after some time.