Arena 3x3 is a 3v3 team battle for 5 minutes. The winner is the team that at the expiration of time will score the most points.

Requirements for Arena 3x3

Minimum requirements to enter the Arena 3x3:

  • - 35 character level
  • - 2500+ GS character

Preparing for the Arena 3x3

In the main menu you see your rating, as well as 2 buttons: First - create a group, Second - join an existing group. By creating a group, you can invite your friends to participate in the same team. Before participating, read this guide, it will help you understand some nuances, learn the timings that will help you win.

Preparing for the Arena 3x3 Black Desert Mobile

Arena Map

On the Map we see 2 points of command resp, 3 totems in the center of the map and 10 points of respa buffs / d buffs.

Each totem / statue / RB / relic gives 3% or 50% of points depending on the object, as well as on the total number of field points (read about field glasses below).

Field points are the total points of all players in the Arena. Each new object appears with 3% or 50% of the total player points. Thus, the objects with every second give more and more points.

Arena Map Black Desert Mobile

Object timings and points

For each character you kill, you will receive 35% of his points.

Stone statues - appear at 5:00, 4:00, 3:00, give 50% of field points and a buff of 10% to the running speed.

RB Lagos - appears at 2:00 match time, gives 50% of field points and turns into a lightning bolt for 30 seconds. Also, the whole team will receive an attack / defense bonus of +1000/1000 movement speed + 15%, and the enemy's speed will decrease by 15% within 30 seconds.

Buffs / D buffs - appear randomly, and in different quantities from 1 to 4. They give 3% field points. Details on the types of buff will be described below:

  • 1. Healing buff - restores 15% of health
  • 2. Protection Buff - increases character protection to 5000
  • 3. Endurance Buff - Restores 30% of Stamina
  • 4. D baf freeze - freezes the enemy team for 5 seconds
  • 5. Lightning discharge - turns a character into a lightning discharge for 30 seconds, during the effect the character is invulnerable.

A couple of words

This is the first guide written on the day of the update, most likely a lot will change, at the moment the content is raw, the players are randomly thrown at different GS, but this is all temporary. I think in a week we will see the first edits. But even in this form, the 3x3 arena is very interesting.