Most of the time, the Black Desert Mobile player is busy killing mobs. For killing monsters, you can get silver, equipment, black stones and most importantly the character’s experience.

Mobs are ordinary and elite, elite are marked on the minimap with a star. Also, mobs are passive and aggressive, aggressive mobs are marked with a special sign, when they see a player they immediately attack him.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

By opening the map and selecting Monsters, you can see the recommended CP and the level of loot in each location. When choosing a specific location, you can see a more detailed list of monsters and items that can be obtained.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

Each monster has its own level and CP. The difference between the level of the mob and the character affects the resulting drop and experience. For example, if there is a gray mob in front of the player, then the mob is 7+ levels less than the player, there is no drop or experience from such a mob. Below you can find a table with the difference in levels between players and mobs.

Table of drop and experience depending on the level of the character and monster.

Level difference Mob color Exp and Drop
+7 and more Red 200%
+4 - +6 Orange 200%
-3 - +3 White 100%
-6 - -4 Green 100%
-7 and less Gray 0%

Based on the table, BDMbase concluded that it is necessary to select locations for the farm so that the monsters are orange or green. Killing red or white is not profitable. When killing red, the player receives the same percentage of the bonus as with the orange, but spends more time due to the complexity of the monster.

Above is the opinion of BDMbase, with which not everyone can agree, but each player can check it for himself. Leave your character for a fixed time in two different locations and see where most of the character gets experience, drop, silver, how many monsters kill and how much he spends HP cans.

Monster Knowledge

It is recommended to get all the knowledge on all monsters. Only knowledge on monsters can get 140+ CP. Knowledge can be gained by killing monsters, the chance to gain knowledge is not 100%; sometimes it will be necessary to kill a lot of monsters. The lower the level of the monster, the easier it is to get knowledge. Any monster can be found using the trail button in the knowledge section.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

Location Information

By clicking on the magnifying glass next to the minimap, a window opens with information about the location, description of monsters, a list of items that can be obtained, but the main function of this window is that you can select up to 3 necessary monsters and they will be highlighted on the minimap.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

Auto hunting or offline hunting

Auto hunting allows you to send the black spirit to kill monsters in the same location instead of the player, while the game client closes thereby saving battery power. Offline hunting will last 3 hours or until inventory is loaded at 200%. Hunting time can be increased up to 6 hours with Black Spirit Plus. During offline hunting, HP potion spend as much as online.

The auto hunting function becomes available after passing Gias on the story quest. With the introduction of guild wars, auto-hunting is a great way to farm monsters without becoming a victim of the enemy guild.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

PVP mode

PVP mode is available from character level 40, when activated, players can fight with other players with the same PVP mode. Active PVP mode gives a bonus of +5 to drop and EXP. If you don’t leave the phone for a long time and are confident in your character, feel free to activate PVP mode.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile

Location Quests

In the location, in addition to simple quests, there are altars with repeatable quests. If you find the location you need and are often in it, take this quest, you can take it again without approaching the altar.

All about killing mobs in Black Desert Mobile


If you want the monsters to lag behind the character, it’s enough to call the horse to you, after the draft, the monsters will lag behind the character for a while, during this time you can have time to collect the prey or make the quest.

Use the horse as a second bag, store in it a supply of HP bottles, unnecessary trash from monsters, or something else.

Focus on the recommended CP. If your character is suitable for the level and CP is not, you need to urgently raise the CP otherwise a lot of silver will be spent on HP cans.