Field Drop Rates Tested, Silver per/hour by location, Lvl 60 test, Black Desert Mobile

Level 59vs60 tested ( way more than 10%)

If you have any suggestions or comments of additional tests, input, ideas, criticism, by all means stop by my discord. I would love to get a more difnitive answer on these topics. Not enough time in a day!

All characters used in the tests were 3400cp, had 3 pets 2 lvl2 and 1 level 1. All characters had chicken soups activated.

Silver per hour by location

  • 400-500k cron castle patrol
  • 425-550k cron castle entrance
  • 375-475k cron castle
  • 425-550k Marni's lab entrance
  • 450-600k Marni's underground
  • 300-400k iron mine 1
  • 325-425k iron mine supply
  • 350-450k iron mine 3
  • 300-400k wandering rogues 1
  • 350-450k wandering rogues 2
  • 325-425k manes hideout
  • 350-450k manes cave
  • 350-450k Omar entrance
  • 375-475k Omar lava cave
  • 325-500k Hexe sanct
  • 350-550k Witches chapel
  • 450k-600k NM - tested Once sucessfully
  • 275-375k hidden monastery
  • 275-375k abandoned monastery
  • 325-425k calpheon shrine
  • 325-450k Rhutum
  • 275-375k Catfish Camp
  • 275-375k mansha forest

Thank you for giving Legit Mobile video link to his channel there's a lot more to it.